Call Me Devil by Friends in Tokyo

I will tell you lies
I’ll crawl inside your mind
Grab hold of your eyes
I will make you mine
And Im gonna take my time

I’ll steal your soul
I’ll eat you whole
Aint no other way

They call me devil
And you should be afraid



SN – Golmon Horns


– brand new, cutting edge Materials Enabled Mesh Horns
– 100% mesh and unrigged
– you can adjust them to fit practically any avatar!
– they will shrink down small enough for Petites and other tiny avatars
– grow large enough for even the most fearsome dragon or giant

Great HUD:

– special effects layer over the horns
– 30 horns textures that you can RGB Tint
– adjust glow, alpha, and all materials settings for
– 32 built in special effects layers to display over your horns
– many effects are animated,
– coustumize Metal, Jewels, and Ribbons/Straps decor


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SN Skin – Reverie M

– available in 10 tones –

wear on Pic: RUBY

.Call me devil2


High definition, fully original dark fantasy skin, with TONS of options included for both system avatars and Omega-Friendly mesh!


These Pearlescent skins were inspired by the Fae and Elves, with a touch of high magic to make them shine in brilliant jewel tones.




Each Tone Package Includes:
1 Tone of Maré Skin
1 Modifiable Classic Avi Shape
1 Modifiable Mesh Body/Head Shape
1 Modifiable Classic Avi Eyebrows Shape (Bald Cap)
1 Modifiable Mesh Head Eyebrows Shape (Bald Cap)
3 Colors of Eyebrows (including Classic Avi Tattoo Layers)

– 3 colors of Body Hair (Chest only, Trail only, & Both – incl. Classic Avi Tattoo Layers)
– 3 colors of 12 styles of Beards (incl. Classic Avi Tattoo Layers)

– compatible with Omega and Slink for:
Head, body, hands, feet, nipples, & Sinful Needs Tails, Fae Mesh Ears, & Genitalia

– Beard Applier compatible with Omega and Slink Heads


– available in FATPACK OR SINGLE COLOR –


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[Signature] Gianni Body – Body – v4.6
[GA.EG] Evan Bento Mesh Head
[GA.EG] Ultimate Eyes
[GA.EG] Eyes Pack – EY05C Fire Of Hell Pack C
[GA.EG] Evan Bento Cone Piercings

+ Dark Fire Aura Shawl + {aii}
+ Sand Reptilia Bottom + {aii}
The Devil is a Scorpio Tail Red
**RE** ReVoX Nipple Piercing P3 – Male
[CX] Satyr’s Hooves L (Black)
~~FREE-BIRDS~~ **Evil Bones [ Male Size ] Spinal top
*Dura-Anime*04 (Black)
Meva Male June Necklace Double



❖ Simdesign by Varosh (santanamiguel) ❖


Location: Areiyon – Ersames Rollenspielwelten -> SłM ТΛЖł




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