Bishop Briggs – White Flag

„Take a hit, shoot me down,
I won’t ever hit the ground,
Playing dead, I’ll never do
Gotta keep an eye on you

Smoke, fire, it’s all going up
Don’t you know I ain’t afraid to shed a little blood?
Smoke, fire, flares are going up, flares are going up
Oh, won’t wave my white flag, no“



HILTED – Padded Photobooth

[Hilted Mainstore]



[TD] Cocaine & Caviar [TANKI] Maitreya
[TD] A.S.S.H.O.L.E Beanie [DOWN] UniSex
[TD] B.D.S.M Limits [TATTOO] UniSex

[Toxicdolls Mainstore]


white Flag_001.jpg


~ :BAMSE: Gachas ~

:BAMSE: Fixer – Chair RARE
:BAMSE: Fixer – Drawer RARE
:BAMSE: Fixer – Desk RARE
:BAMSE: Fixer – Biostimulants
:BAMSE: Fixer – Software
:BAMSE: Fixer – Monitor
:BAMSE: Fixer – Revolver

:BAMSE: WW2 Memento – Mortar RARE
:BAMSE: WW2 Memento – Rifle RARE
:BAMSE: WW2 Memento – Dagger
:BAMSE: WW2 Memento – Military Watch
:BAMSE: WW2 Memento – Equipment Crate
:BAMSE: WW2 Memento – Explosives Crate

:BAMSE: The Poet – Coins

:BAMSE: Sharpshooter – Sniper Rifle RARE
:BAMSE: Sharpshooter – Military Case

:BAMSE: The Boss – Money Stack

:BAMSE: Cursed Necklace – Rusty

[:BAMSE: Mainstore]


~ POSE ~

K&S – // Capricious girl // Bento pose (Gacha)



Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[GA.EG] Jennifer Bento Mesh Head
Hair: rezology Pixie 2