David Guetta – Dangerous

„I don’t know where the lights are taking us
But something in the night is dangerous
And nothing’s holding back the two of us
But, baby, this is getting serious.
It’s dangerous, so dangerous
I wanna do it again“

{Acios} Techna SET – The Darness Event
Gun Holster, Glasses, Bodysuit, Boots, Leg Knife, Bento Glove

Violetility – Intelligent Life – Gacha
Kitchen, Fridge, Skybox

Pose: SN~ Mix Emotions (No. 2)

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[GA.EG] Jennifer Bento Mesh Head

CURELESS [+] The Twelfth Night / Hungry Yule Cat (Gacha)