InsideInfo – Metamorphosis

„We’re plotting take over cultures
We spread like wild fire blazing
We chase them eternally racing
Push come to shove, give them fluoride
Metamorphosis engage the third eye

Why you sling your hook?
Go on, give it up
Let me sling the hook
Don’t give a…“

HILTED – The Cryo Chamber (Adt. or PG) – We ❤ Role-Play Event Exclusive
(Single Anis in the PG and Single+Sex Anis in the ADT)
*Single Pose Female: in the Cryo Chamber

Minchen wear the special offer for the month of May MI.CO “Cindy“ (without pasties) – from 1 May to 31 May – only available @ MI.CO Mainstore

Varosh wear:

[CX] Sentinel Tentacles ( White ) M
ANTINATURAL[+] Metamorphose2077 – Legs, Bodysuit, Cable (Gacha)
ANTINATURAL[+] Post-Human / Monsterhand WHITE (Gacha)
ANTINATURAL[+] Synthetic Crush / Cyborg Hairstyle (Gacha)

Pose Male: Poseidon Sirens 7rev