Breaking Benjamin – Angels Fall

„When angels fall with broken wings
I can’t give up, I can’t give in
When all is lost and daylight ends
I’ll carry you and we will live forever

Couple Pose: Something New – I will be your hero – Good Mix Event

Credits Varosh (Angel)

[SP] Ascendant Wings [M] Ascend 2.2 incl. Color and Animations Hud

TwoSided – Ripped top and leggins „Leather“ incl. Color Hud – The Darkness

Sinful Needs Skin – Children of the Night (M) V1

Wasabi // Draco Windblown Mesh Hair – B
[GA.EG] Evan 2.0 Bento Mesh Head
[Signature] Gianni Body – Body – v4.6

Credits Jondariel (Fallen Angel)

[SP] Ascendant Wings Fallen 2.2

Fallen Gods Inc. Brier Tattoo
Fallen Gods Inc. Vila Mamuna face tattoo Black Rare
Fallen Gods Inc. Pure Ebony

Olive the Twirl Hair
{aii} Moirai Horns Red
Astralia Muerte gacha Collar, Nipple Cover, Thong
{egosumaii} Catacomb Bracer (Arms +Legs)
Codex – Visenya Bento Rings