Sam Hunt – House Party

„We’ll have a house party, we don’t need nobody
Turn your TV off, break that boom-box out
We’ll wake up all the neighbors ‚til the whole block hates us
And the cops show up and try to shut us down
If you’re gonna be a homebody
We’re gonna have a house party“

EXCLUSIVE at the Belle Event:

Social Game from MadPea – Wine Cellar GO!

Wine Cellar GO is a social game. It is the crazy board game for all wine lovers that’ll either get you drunk or embarrassed. Probably both!

It allows up to 6 players to take part and play through the board of
43 squares rolling the dice and answering questions
or doing dares and of course sipping wine!
The winner ends up in the wine cellar.
(Text from MadPea)

Belle Event TPMadPea Mainstore

Wood Works Olympic Set – EXCLUSIVE on SWANK:

on Pic:
Olympic Sofa, Coffe and Side Table, Art, Console, Carpet

SWANK Event TPWood Works Mainstore

more Credits:

Couple Pose: SN ~ Let’s Party!
incl. Wineglass and Bottle to wear

Something New Mainstore

Ladies Credits:

Jondarial wears new MI.CO clothes, the MadPea Wine Bitch Headband in Gold and the Glass and Bottle from the SN Pose.

Minchen wears the brand new MI.CO Marlena Dress.
It comes with a great color Hud.

MI.CO Mainstore

I’m wearing the New OA-MEO Aaron Shirt and the great
OA-MEO Simon Shorts cobinated with the
Native Woodboat Sneakers
(they are also available for Girls Maitreya Hi and Flat).
All the Clothes have great Color and Styles HUDs!

OA-MEO MainstoreNative Mainstore

My Tattoo is one of many great Kira TattOO – Jakob

Kira TattOO Mainstore

Male Basics:

[Signature] Gianni Body – Body – v4.7
[GA.EG] Evan 2.0 Bento Mesh Head
[GA.EG] Hugo Skin

also on Pic:

Apple Fall Confetti Balloon (Pink and Gold)
JIAN Kitten Collection :: Static
JIAN ‚dorable Danes 12. Ball Hog (Gacha)