Inspiration Sound:
Leo Rojas – Der einsame Hirte

MadPea Pet Friend Fair – Exclusives

Teeglepet Interactive Water Trough
Teeglepet Interactive Feed Bucket

Your Teeglepet Feed and Water Buckets & Troughs make a great visual component to your Teeglepet Animesh Horse pastures!
Touch each bucket/trough to fill it full of feed or water.
(Please remember, this is aesthetic only, or for your personal roleplay.
Your horses do NOT need to be fed and will
NOT die even if they have no food.)
(Text from Teegle)

TLC Pointer Companion Animesh

The Animesh Ponter Companion comes with Fur and Collar Color Menü
Fur Option – 4 textures
Collar Option – 8 color options and transparent (none)

MadPea Pet Friend Fair – TP
Teegle – Mainstore
TLC Animated Animals – Mainstore

Japonica Exclusives

TLC Green Pheasant (Male + Female)

Japonice Event TP
TLC Animated Animals – Mainstore


Never Totally Dead – Le moulin du Hameau

Never Totally Dead – Mainstore