Buckingham Nicks – Frozen Love

„And if you go forward, I’ll meet you there
And if you climb up through the cold freezing air
Look down below you search out above
And cry out to life for a frozen love“

Frozen Love

Enchantment Presents ~ Snow Queen
Nov 9th to Dec 2nd
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Wicca’s Originals – „Jardis Headpiece“
Included: 2 Parts
HUD: 12 Color and Gem options
The item is modify so you can fit it perfectly to your head/face shape
(resize & edit linked parts for resize)

::Static:: Frostbitten
Body Gems for Maitreya
Colors: Mirror, Ruby and Sapphire

Pose: Le Poppycock Queen Bee
on Pic: Touch of Frost
Props (Bees) not on the pic!

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also on Pic:

.:I ProFect I:. MeshEyes
^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ear