Inspiration Sound:
Nine Inch Nails – Dead Souls (The Crow)

***** MR SL ♛ 2020 – FIRST PHOTO CHALLENGE *****

MR SL ♛ Austria says,
“If you know your dark side love and respect it.
You shift between good and evil,
fight with, over, for and against both, flirt with life and death.
Easily provoked you rarely reflect on your actions. No remorse!”

The thought of what follows death fascinates MR SL ♛ Austria, and the film ‚The Crow‘ deals with this topic from a very special point of view.
The story of Eric Draven is cruel and sad.
Full of murder and revenge on one hand, very romantic on the other.
He identifies with the protagonist, because he also considers himself
a nice guy, as long as you don’t cross him.
If his loved ones are involved though,
it doesn’t take much for him to really lose his temper.
He doesn’t know what he would do if someone would hurt a person
he really loved, it would certainly be neither nice nor clever.

MR SL ♛ Austria is wearing a jacket and chaps by Riot with a cumberbund by ContraptioN and boots by Lapointe & Bastchild.
He adds a stole and chains by Gabriel, piercings by Gaeline,
a tattoo by This is Wrong, makeup by A souls Delirium,
feathers by Eliavah, and a raven by Jian.
To complete his ensemble, he adds claws, nose bridge, belly band and rings sponsored by L’Emporio, leather leggings by Stitched, a collar by Cerberus Crossing, both of which MR SL ♛ Austria custom colored, and a collar by Meva that MR SL ♛ Austria also modified into an armband.

The Crow

MR SL ♛ AUSTRIA 2020 Credits:

RIOT / Ace Leather Jacket
RIOT / Alex Chaps
RIOT / Alex Undies
RIOT Mainstore

L&B Swear Patrol Combat Boot v3.0
L&B Mainstore

[ContraptioN] Benefit Cummerbund
[ContraptioN] Mainstore

(Stitched) Leather Leggings
costum color change
(Stitched) Mainstore

L’Emporio&PL ::Brancas Surviles:: Claws
L’Emporio&PL ::Holger:: Nose Bridge
L’Emporio&PL::Bushido:: Belly Band
L’Emporio&PL::Under Pressure:: Rings
L’Emporio Mainstore

::GB:: Crow Feather stole / Black
::GB:: CHAiNS Charlie Gun Metallic (Necklace)
Gabriel Mainstore

[CX] Rugged Collar – Silver
costum color change
[CX] Mainstore

Meva Feather Collar Black Mens
(costum change to armwrist)
Meva Mainstore

THIS IS WRONG – Metal Tattoo (Body)
This is Wrong Mainstore

SOuls DeLirium – In the mood for dark love
(Head MakeUp – BoM)
SOuls DeLirium Mainstore

Eliavah ~ Feathered Frenzy
Gacha – on pic: black and purple
Eliavah Mainstore

MR SL ♛ AUSTRIA 2020 Basics:

Dura Mainstore

[Signature] Gianni Body – Body – v4.8 (BoM)
[Signature] Mainstore

[GA.EG] Evan Bento Mesh Head (BoM)
[GA.EG] Mainstore

[GA.EG] Hugo Body Skins 2.1 (Omega/BOM Layers)
[GA.EG] Mainstore

[GA.EG] Evan Bento Cone Piercings
[GA.EG] Mainstore

Avi-Glam – Dramatic Eyes – Pond
Avi-Glam Mainstore

MR SL ♛ AUSTRIA 2020 Pose:

[VSM] devil inside… selfmade
[VSM] Mainstore

MR SL ♛ AUSTRIA 2020 Photo Szene / Credits

-Birth- ‚Rain Maker‘ Personal Particle Effect Cloud
NEW @ Sad November – (Starts 6th)
Sad November TP Birth Mainstore

~SR~ Cathedral Of The Lost Souls ~
Sweet Revolutions Mainstore

[HL] Cemetery Tombstones
HarshLands Mainstore

{anc} NO LIMITS.old electric pole natural (Gacha)
{anc} Mainstore

!Pandemonium – Dead Tree III
!Pandemonium Mainstore

Persefona Floating Pillow Feathers 4 (black&white)
Persefona Sparkles AddON 1
Persefona Mainstore

[NikotiN] Rose – Red
[NikotiN] Mainstore

IE – Full Perm Mesh Cat – Stretching 2
Image Essentials Mainstore

Bad Katz – Full Perm Single Crow fly
BadKatz Mainstore