P!nk – Hurts 2B Human ft. Khalid

„Hope floats away
If you could spend a day in my shoes
Your mind would change
If you knew what I’ve gone through
We want the same (Yeah, we do)
Maybe then you’d understand
How it hurts to be human, oh“

spend a day in my shoes

[VSM] Male Model Pose 1-0

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Never Totally Dead – The Rat Hole
Exclusive for Cosmopolitan Dec 2-Dec 17
Mesh – Material – KoolDoor
LI59 – snow cap: LI19 – c/m/nt

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[rezz room] Imperial Doberman Animesh (Companion)
Collar & Muzzle in 4 colors – show/hide
wearable & rezzable, wander – follow – idle
name and sound options

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Cubura Sniper Outfit Set – Gacha
Exclusive for Arcade Dec 1st
Pants – Tank – Bag

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