Kasam Khake Kaho

„Say blush
Say that
Say yes, say no
Just keep saying
Come closer and say
You love me“

Come closer

The Liaison Collaborative EXCLUSIVE:

Mosquito’s Way – Leilani – FLip Flops
Belleza, Legacy, Slink, Maitreya
incl. amazing Color HUD
The Liaison Collaborative Event TP

Tlalli – The Fair Around the World
thematic fair, which will be held on a quarterly basis.
During each round a country will be our guest,

we will be chosing the guest countries unanimously on a consecutive basis

Tlalli – 4Round – INDIA
June 7th – 21th
Tlalli Fair Event TP

Tlalli Exclusives:

MI.CO Yuva Tunic/Leggings
2 different color HUD (with/without pattern)

MI.CO Headscarf
2 different color HUD (with/without pattern)
Smaller and Bigger one included

QUERT – Inner Peace Tattoo
incl. BoM and Applier for Maitreya and Signature

Jinx : Ickle Nelly Animesh Companion
incl. cute AO HUD and Style HUD

flUff Tubby Tiger Animesh GACHA
on Pic: Orange

~ xantes ~ Day Bed Nainika Set
on Pic: Indian Umbrella Nainika

Breaux Willow – Taste of India SET
on pic: Floor Sofa, Brushed Incense Pride, Nag Champa Blue
Side Table, Floor Cushion in 3 colors

also on pic:
Zaara [home] : 16 Kathputli puppets
Zaara [home] : 9 Succulent plants 1
Zaara [home] : 11 Surahi wine jug
Zaara [home] : 13 Block prints
OSMIA – Safari.Gacha – BabyTiger – #4
TLG – Moroccan Wall Straight