Hit The Road Jack – Ray Charles

„Now Baby, listen Baby, don’t you treat me this-a way
Cause I’ll be back on my feet some day,
Don’t care if you do, cause it’s understood,
You ain’t got no money, and you just ain’t no good
Well I guess if you say so
I’d have to pack my things and go „

you just ain't no good

[VSM] Backdrop – Noble – Mainstore PROMO
3 LI – incl. resitzer Menu (C/nM/nT)
only 49 LD – only on Mainstore
[VSM] Mainstore

Titans – The Vera – SET
incl. Books and Frame, 3 Cactus, Peg Table
Titans Mainstore

Agents of Mystery
A mysterious organization known only as “The Collective” seeks to take over the world in a time where crime is at an all-time high. When little hope is left in the world, you are the one they call!

FREE Game HUD at the MadPea Mainstore

Become an MBI Agent and work to stop The Collective in MadPea’s first grid-wide interactive adventure hunt.  Discover cryptic clues, valuable treasures, and amazing prizes in your mission to save the world from evil.

Agents of Mystery runs from June 22 to August 17.

some of the amazing prizes on my pic:

MadPea Evidence Board – PRIZE
MadPea Robotic Butler – PRIZE
MadPea AoM Intelligence – Briefcase
(one of the stuff you’re searching for)
MadPea AoM Intelligence – Safe
(one of the stuff you’re searching for)

all INFOS about the Mystery Game on the MADPEA INFOPAGE

also on Pic:

Titans – Fiddle Leaf Plant
Titans – The Rain Wall
[FOURTH WALL] LED Wall Lamp (Black with Gold Light)
Hotdog – Baxter suit
[ContraptioN] Gentry Boots ???
[ContraptioN] Dapper Dandy’s Gloves ???
Dura-B100-HAIR: FAT A: right
[ kunst ] – Seth Pipe / right (M)