Joe Cocker – You Don’t Need A Million Dollars

„You don’t need a million dollars
To throw your head back laughing
To tell yourself it’s gonna be fine
Really fine
Really no problems, amazing, every moment is the moment
You can choose, how you feel
You decide what is real and you can make
The truest love you can star in your own movie
You can write this song and sing it back to me
You can see the world is nothing if not love“

It's gonna be fine

Male Credits:

September 11-21 – Signature Event Infopage

[Signature] Geralt Body – v1.5a
Omega and BoM included
included in the Box:
Body in Default Neck and New Neck, HUD, Shape, Feet and Hands,
BoM Skins, Neck Gradient Tattoo Layers (BoM)

Signature Body Instructions Manual

Event Exclusives:

True Damage-Connor Jacket/Black
Gianni / Geralt / Jake
incl. color Hud for different Parts
collaboration between CORDEWA , RODEX , and True Damage
full Set to grab on the 3 Booth of the Signature event!

VCTRY – Patched Denim
in 4 colors available (blue, lightblue, onyx, stone)
on Pic: Stone

Bliensen + MaiTai – Unforgiven – Rings
silver and gold in 2 versions
on Pic: Rings A – silver – L


more Male Credits:

NO.MATCH_NO.HINT. (male) Hair
Groupgift (2nd Floor)
no.match Mainstore

NO.MATCH_NO.DATE. (goatie)
Groupgift (2nd Floor)
no.match Mainstore

[GA.EG] Damon 2.2 Bento Mesh Head
Omega and Bom ready
[GA.EG] Head Skins – Damon

on Pic: NST5 – Shadow2
[GA.EG] Infopage – [GA.EG] Mainstore – [GA.EG] Marketplace

Female Credits:

MOoH! Sweater dress
Cozy knit dress in 6 beautiful fall colors
Fundraising money for Doctors without borders -100% donation!

Spoonful of sugar festival Sept 5 – 20

JUMO – PATTY Lips – eBento

Catwa / Genus / Omega / BOM
on Pic: Lips 001 BoM

eBento Event Exclusive

MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt – MY TAXCO – eBento
included Handpose in two styles incl. resizer
6 Color Pack – on pic: WHITE

eBento Event Exclusive

included Color Hud for Hair and Hat
rigged Mesh – unisex

eBento Event Exclusive

[GA.EG] Morgan 2.1 Bento Mesh Head
Omega and Bom ready
[GA.EG] Infopage – [GA.EG] Mainstore – [GA.EG] Marketplace

also on Pic:

MadPea Autumn Garden Shed

weathered shed for your garden
MadPea Mainstore

{Animated} 4Seasons Menu (on Pic: Autumn)
Little Branch Mainstore

Serenity Style- Gilligan Dovecote
Set included Doves too (not on the pic)
Serenity Style Mainstore

[Rezz Room] German Shepherd Adult
Animesh Companion to wear or rezz
all Infos HERE

[Rezz Room] Mainstore