The Phantoms – Look At Me Now

„The Original
A legend in the flesh
I making moves
‚Cause I play em like chess
I’m the one they’ll be writing bout
For centuries they’ll wonder how
I won it all, let em fight it out
Look at me now“

I play em like chess

!R! Kiseru of the Kitsune
incl. Animation and Texture Cache for individual Syles
incl. Handhold Animation left or right (on Pic)

Reliquary Mainstore

September 11-21

[Signature] Gianni Body – v5.0a
Omega and BoM included
included in the Box:
Body in Default Neck and New Neck, HUD, Shape, Feet and Hands,
BoM Skins, Neck Gradient Tattoo Layers (BoM)

[Signature] Bakes On Mesh – DAVIS Skin
in 5 Tones and 2 Styles (Athletic / Average)
on Pic: Tone 05 (Athletic)

Signature Body Instructions Manual

Signature Event Exclusive:

[ hoorenbeek ] Big Shot Suit
complete Suit incl. Huds for different parts
on Pic: Jacket – Open, Pants Slim, Belt, Cuffs
(also in Pack: Shirt, Shirt w/Vest, Jacket Closed)

[DAWN] – Venom Tattoo
Body Applier, Omega and BoM Tattoo
3 different Styles (Faded, Fresh, Worn)
on pic: BOM Faded

Kokoro – Walking Stick
in 2 Versions incl. hold Animation
on Pic: Version 02 without Animation

Bliensen + MaiTai – Unforgiven
Bento Rings in 2 Styles and gold or silver
on pic: Rings A – gold – R, Rings B – gold – L


unrigged mesh Hair incl. Hairbase (BoM/Applier)
DUBAI Event Exclusive – open on 20h (LM follow)

The Bearded Guy – Behold Day – Gacha
on Pic: Rushin
The Liaison Collaborative Exclusive

L’Emporio::Damned Claws & Rings:: OnlyNails
incl. Color and Alpha Hud / with or without Rings/Nails
all Infos HERE
L’Emporio Mainstore

[GA.EG] Evan Bento Mesh Head
Omega and BoM ready
[GA.EG] Head Skins – Evan BoM
in 8 Tones and 3 Styles (Nude, Shadow1, Shadow2)
on Pic: NST6 – Shadow2

[GA.EG] Infopage – [GA.EG] Mainstore – [GA.EG] Marketplace

[Rezz Room] Pug Adult Animesh
Companion incl. static poses and different animations
3 Fur Colors, Eye Color change, to wear or rezz

all Infos HERE
[Rezz Room] Mainstore

more Credits:
AG. Dramatic Eyes – Pond
5.Cubura Chain Choker BROWN
.09 [ kunst ] – Rockstar necklace / gold (M)
[CX] Scarred Bridge (Gold)