The Phantoms – How It’s Done

„Welcome to my world
We do things a little different here
Ain’t afraid to break the mold
Living like rebels, we got no fear
Listen up and pay attention
Sit back and watch and you might learn something, yeah
Get your game face on cause it’s on now
Get ready cause it’s going down
Yeah in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Watch how it’s done“

Welcome to my world

Jinx : Cecaelia Avatar
Bento Tentacles with AO – 2 sizes included
included texture HUD, compatible with your Human AO for upper body
fitted for all Bento bodies

Tomb of Ancients Event Exclusive

Clover – Whacsa
The Whasca is an fully animesh wearable poet,
who will float/circle around your avatar!

Tomb of Ancients Event Exclusive

Vanity Hair – Jungle Beats
incl. rigged and unrigged Hair and Hairbase
Hairbase and Hairs are tintable!
many different Color Huds available
Vanity Hair Mainstore

HEXtraordinary – Octopus Aquarium
on Pic: only the animesh baby octopus (removed from the tank)
the set includes an baby animesh octopus with wonderful and realistic animations and a detailed and fantastically textured aquarium!
The tabletop fishbowl comes complete with an animesh baby octopus resident that attempts to escape the bowl. 

All Infos HERE
HEXtraordinary Mainstore

HEXtraordinary – Jellyfish Gacha
Animated swimming Jellyfish -link them to their tank or make them larger and set the to wander in any underwater environment!!
Gachakey HERE
HEXtraordinary Mainstore

L’Emporio&PL::Oblio::Vampire Claws
all Infos HERE
L’Emporio Mainstore

LOGO Chase Annivesary Edition v1.0 Head – GIFT
full Bento Head BoM and Omega ready
LOGO Mainstore
15th Anniversary Event

LOGO Ilvanya Elf Ears v1.1
These ears can be used with any head but to get the most out them we highly recommend you use them with a LOGO bento head since the ears will
react to every one of our standard and motion captured animations
to really give your ears and avatar life.
LOGO Mainstore

LOGO Ilvanya Scales Texture Pack
Add-On for the Ilvanya Elf Ears
Color and Style Hud for many parts
eBento Event Exclusive

RIOT / Ignatius Scales
in different colors and sizes available
RIOT Mainstore

also on Pic:
{anc} bubbles . pole 1prim /MC
{anc} fish shop daughters / lotus:gold[B]1Li
Icaland – Cave 1
E.V.E SeaHorses Bank {Dream, Opium, Utopia}
NKingyo Queen Gacha