Alan Walker ‒ Lost Control

„Why do I feel so small?
I don’t know
So I walk into the dead of night
Where my monsters like to hide
Chaos feels so good inside, no more
I lost, I lost
I lost control again
Always do the same and I’m to blame
I lost control again“

Why do I feel so small?

[Rezz Room] Shih Tzu Adult
Animesh Companion to wear or rezz
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Serenity Style – Urban Bus Stop
incl. Trash Bin, Bench, Bus Stop, Platform and flying Papers
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E.Storm Fur Jacket Male. Vlad
different colors available
on Pic: Sky

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E.Storm Shirt Male – BOM
different colors available
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Vanity Hair – Jewelled
unisex hair rigged and unrigged version included
African Hairbase in different colors included
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JUMO – MARTINA Eyeliners
BoM, different styles, on Pic: 001
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RAONHAUSEN – Ringlight Eyes
6 different colors – Catwa, Genus, Lelutka and Mesh
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[GA.EG] Brows – B-BR15 Ava
BoM for all Heads – different colors in Pack (on Pic: BK3)
also available as GA.EG Installer for your GA.EG Head

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Altamura Lyra – BoM Skin
female BoM Skin
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[Signature] Gianni Body
full Bento Body incl. Omega and BoM System
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Omega and Bom ready
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BTTB nittio jeans – lilac
AsteroidBox. Bailey Jewelry