Imagine Dragons – Bad Liar

„Oh, hush, my dear, it’s been a difficult year
And terrors don’t prey on
Innocent victims
Trust me, darling, trust me darling
It’s been a loveless year
Trust me, darling, trust me, darling
So look me in the eyes
Tell me what you see“

Trust me, darling

Enchantment presents
„The Phantom of the Opera“

Nov. 14th – Dez. 7th
Enchantment Infopage

Griptape & Roses – Paris Cape
Cape fitted and posed with Jake+Gianni
but it fits other bodies well (try demo!)
incl. Color Hud / Fatpack available
more Infos HERE

Drunken Brokkr – Authra-Nith Mask
Materials Enabled, unrigged, resizable
HUD with 7 colors and 5 metals included
Fatpack +Exlcusive Color and 4 exclusive metals
more Infos HERE


also on Pic:
Fanatik Architecture – Cave Straight
[NC] – Rude Medieval Wall Torch w/light
Dura-B95-HAIR-FAT PACK B:left
toksik – Pathos Blouse (Gianni) (Off white)
toksik – Remnant Pants (Gianni) (Black)