Apashe Sway – Im A Dragon

„Sound travels, and the ground shakes
And our society has got us on a wild chase
Tell ‚em we’ll be back in sixty seconds with the loud bass
We’re moving at our pace, yeah
I’m a dragon“

We're moving at our pace

Black Cats poses – Dragon
Included in Fatpack: Dragon for each pose, resize script, copy, no trans with HUD to change textures.
on Pic: Pose 1 and all dragons

Aenigma Event – open November 19

[Petrichor]- Icicle Adornments
unrigged – unisex – Tiara, Minitiara, Earrings, Mantle
100% Costum Mesh – HUD Everything

TANNENBAUM 2020 – open November 21

[Petrichor]– Kassien Ears
included in the Kassien Gacha
[Petrichor] Mainstore

[GA.EG] Rick Bento Head
full Bento Head incl. Bom System and Omega ready
[GA.EG] Rick Bento Cone Piercings
rigged and unrigged versions in Pack, incl. color and alpha HUD
[GA.EG] Mainstore[GA.EG] Infopage [GA.EG] Marketplace

Noble Creations – Immortal Dragon – Gacha
on Pic: Gloves, Pants, Top Black/NoHood
Noble Creations Mainstore

Fallen Gods – Draugr Skin – Black Pearl
male and female Packs available – BoM
Fallen Gods Inc. Mainstore

no.match – NO KARMA
rigged unisex Hair – different color HUDs