The Celtic Princess – Danny Rayel

„All for the everlasting revange
All for the honest masters
For burned witches
For lost beliefe and might
For Pagan and Heretic’s blood
For trees and forest of killed Druids
For our lost gods…“

TLC Great Grey Owl Family
cute Adult and Baby Owls incl. Trunk – different versions available
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HEXtraordinary Romping Reindeer – Gacha
on Pick: Two Tone Companion
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:[Petrichor]:- Sana Narine Gacha
try your luck to get the full Outfit!
VIP and Exclusive Epiphany also available

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Epiphany Exclusive

unrigged unisex Hair, different color HUDs available, Hairbases included
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poema – VIBHA – tattoo – Headskin
on Pic: vers. (W/E) T.2
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[GA.EG] Kylie 2.2 Bento Mesh Head
full Bento Mesh Head incl. BoM system, Omega ready
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