NIVIRO – Demons

„I am your memory talking out loud
Call us the angels from the underground
Dreams during day, yeah demons that we are
‚Cause I am your memory tracking you down
‚Cause I am your memory tracking you down
I am your memory tracking you down“

Tracking you down

We Love Role-Play
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Event Exclusives:

BeSpoke – Orc Head – „Mufasa“ 1.2
Bento rigged, modified by the edit mode shape sliders,
come with neck and non-neck version to fit multiple bodies,
detachable ears, rigged eyes, Bake on Mesh ready
Fatpack includes different Fullbody/Head BoM skins in different colors

Badwolf – Last Stand Armbands
rigged for Gianni, Jake, Legacy M/F – incl Texture HUD

Nefekalum Tattoos – Dryad
4 differnt colors available – on pick: Silver
BoM and Mesh Layer incl. – Omega Evolved/Materials

We Love Role-Play Event TP

rigged unisex Hair in different sizes, incl. Style/color HUDs
insprired by Assasins creed
Jail Event Exclusive
(opens February 10th)

Harness and Armstraps
Product AD and Infos HERE

L’Emporio&PL::Brancas Surviles::-
Claw Rings, Bento
Product AD and Infos HERE