Maroon 5 – Memories

„And the memories bring back,
There’s a time that I remember,
when I did not know no pain
When I believed in forever,
and everything would stay the same“

Memories - There’s a time that I remember

8th year Anniversary with amazing HUNTGIFTS!!!
Spring is here!

TLC Exclusives

Soul2Soul. Jardin Patio Garden.
Created into 7 beautifully planted up planters with
paving in a contemporary patio garden.
To mix and match for endless possibilities!
Planters and Pavers in 3 texture options, Slate, Brownstone
and Sandstone. Conveniently includes 3 complete garden schemes.

In all: 4 shapes of planter, 4 types of connecting pavers in 3 textures.
Hornbeam Trees: Lollipop, Ball, Low Hedge and Tall.
Heucheras and Berberys plants in different colours.
Trailing Ivies 1-2li, Rocks 1li and Pennywort ground creeper.
1-5 li each. 39 items in all.

Soul2Soul. Jardin Patio Garden  at The Liaison Collaborative (TLC) event

.:revival:. rattan sofa
PG and Adult available – amazing textures
3 pillow colors | 30 single animations | 12 cuddles | 24 adult couples

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Dark Secrets – Light Pergola – White
Amazing Pergola for your Springparty, available in white and black!
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URBAN JUNGLE – Irregular fence
original Mesh, copy/modify
7 components, advanced materilas, each component only 1LI

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SR – Birdhouse HUNTITEM
Flowers incl. texture changer, bird sounds on/off
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BTW – Trouble In Gnomeville Set
incl. Garden Gnome Feds (on pick), Garden Gnome Thif,
and Hippity Hopper Sign Post

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Raindale – Meadowroot
flower pots, garden chair, watering can, stepping stone heart

Simply Shelby – Spring Tree and Wildflower Field
both ar in the Garden Nook Set (Nook not on pick)
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The Liaison Collaborative Event TP

[Rezz Room]Dachshund Adult and Puppy
Animesh Companion
[Rezz Room] Mainstore

[Rezz Room] Dachshund Puppy Animesh and Adult Animesh (Companion) FATPACK

also on Pick:
{anc} forget. Swallow 5Li
{anc} bloom / bottle fish [milk white] 2Li RARE
[Harshlands] Petal Ground – Large – Green
[Rezz Room] Dog Toy
[IK] Driftwood Ibiza Set – Tables
[IK] Shabby Mudroom – Candles