Welshly Arms – Legendary

„‚Cause we’re gonna be legends
Gonna get their attention
What we’re doing here ain’t just scary
It’s about to be legendary“

Gonna get their attention

!Reliquary! The Outlaw’s Tea Set
unrigged mesh accessoiry – scripted and animated
texture change – 10 colors, 2 spoon metals, 4 leathers
sound and particles – textures included for modding
unisex bento animations – c/m/nT

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Engine Room Event Exclusive

[Rezz Room] Sphynx
Animesh (Companion)
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[Rezz Room] Imperial Doberman V2

Animesh (Companion) – only black version is available
white and brown are sold out!
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toksik – Bloodlust Clothes
Asteroidbox. Crow Skull Cane
Nutmeg. Forgotten Library Set
VARONIS – Ascelin Skybox
Dura-B100-HAIR: FAT A: left
[GA.EG] Ultimate Ears – Sharp Claws