KVSH – Puro Extase

„Cheios de desejo
Vontade de dançar
Até o amanhecer
Pronta pra se derreter
Ela é puro êxtase“

puro êxtase

Soul2Soul. Moritz Collection.
10 items. 1li – 5li each.
Includes velvet Chaise and Ottoman with texture options and cuddles/singles Bento animations.
Double sided fireplace with flames and sound on/off on touch and fireplace wall
can be adjusted for different ceiling heights and tintable.
Coffee table, floor lamp and lights have texture options.
Lights have on/off/intensity options.
Also fluffy wool rug, bronze sculpture and books.
Bronze wall art included as a bonus item in the full collection.
Handcrafted mesh. Mod | Copy

Soul2Soul Mainstore

Soul2Soul. Moritz Collection  at The Liaison Collaborative (TLC) event

Artemis Corner – And now what
Sclupture in gold and silver
copy / mod / no trans
100% Mesh

Artemis Corner Mainstore

*AC* And now what