Another Level by Oh The Larceny

„Calling out the beast
The panther underneath
Starting to believe
The world is at my feet
I’m ready for the feast
It’s all within my reach“

The panther underneath

We Love Role-Play
April, 4th – April 30th
We Love Role-Play Infopage

Event Exclusive

[not a peep] Duality Horns
These horns are fully modifiable with primary and secondary horns.
Each horn is individually colorable for the ultimate mix-and-match,
and both rainbow and white shine are options.
Each horn is unrigged, so place them wherever you need them! (text:n.a.p)
12 Color and 2 Shyne Types HUD included

We Love Role-Play Event TP

[not a peep] Duality Horns @ We <3 RP

Clover – Potion brace
The potion brace is a fully functional potion holster,
that allows you to keep 6 potions close, and use them on yourself and friends!
Includes 6 fully interactive potions, bento animations, and a beautiful mesh potion brace.
Each potion lasts a total of two minutes before it wears off.

We Love Role-Play Event TP

Clover - Potion Brace

We Love Role-Play Event TP

[GTS] Warrior Punch Sword
incl. black, brown and red
incl. complete Fight system / Multi Weapons Hud
Compatible with ZCS, GM, GLM, ML, DCS, DCS2, WARPS, Honor Meter
and any other safe zone meter.

collabor GTS and Noble Creations
[GTS] Mainstore[NC] Mainstore

Petrichor – Shadowlaz Male Skin
Male and Female highly detailed gorgeous marked skins
in 25 colors, crystals on tattoo layer – BoM/System Layers

Product AD HERE
Petrichor Mainstore

[Rezz Room] Panther
Animesh Companion
[Rezz Room] Mainstore


also on Pick:

[Signature] Gianni Body – Body (Default Neck) – v5.0
^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ear Right
[GA.EG] Evan Bento Head
[NC] – Immortal Dragon – Shoes Red – Gacha
[NC] – Immortal Dragon – Pants – Gacha
Fallen Gods Inc. Blood Crown makeup