Moonfolk – Adrian von Ziegler

„Just look for the light
Way behind the moon
Just look for the light
Way behind the moon“

Way behind the moon

The Liaison Collaborative
April 18th – May 10th
Event FlickR

Serenity Style– Sady Moon Dream Scene
A magical scene that includes a beautiful moon with ladder and light
[with cuddle and single animations], bright luminaires and star
optional background and Off sim version (text: Serenity Style)
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The Liaison Collaborative (TLC) Event TP

Chronicles and Legends
A quarterly event blends the worlds of fantasy, science and modern fiction, myths, legends, and more!
Each round will feature some of the best Second life original mesh creators,
and have a unique theme inspired by stories, legends, and films you all love.
Come and travel with the Fellowship of Ippos on the beginnings of a new adventure.

Event Page – Event FlickR – Event Facebook – Event LM

Dates: April 10th – May 2nd, 2021
Theme: Seelie & Unseelie Fae

Event Exclusives:

Juna: Yara Tattoo
2 Version: Colored an Black & White
Appliers Hud for mesh Body in 4 tone
Tattoo Layers for body and head (Bakes On Mesh) in 4 tone 
all Infos on Juna BLOG // more Tattoos on Mainstore and Marketplace

KMH – Hair F161
unisex Rigged hair incl. Color HUD
product AD HERE

CELESTE – Seelie Bento Wings
The wings include two version, one with a flutter animation and
another with no animation but still rigged to the bento bones.

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Carpe Noctem. „Butterfly Fae“ Ear Cuff
incl. amazing color HUD
Product AD HERE

[Signature] Gianni Body
full Bento Body included Omega and BoM System
[Signature] Mainstore

Chronicles and Legends Event TP


Serenity Style- Sady Moon Dream Scene ad
Yara tattoo
KMH - Hair F161 @ Chronicles & Legends
CELESTE - Seelie Wings
Carpe Noctem. "Butterfly Fae" Ear Cuff