The Drum – The Seige

„So no matter what I’m coming back and paying you a visit
Saw it coming I predicted, But ya’ll wouldn’t listen
Flipped pages, Went places
Made changes, Still dangerous
Now I’m back

When they hear the sound of the drum
They’ll be saying oh lord here they come
Here we come“

Flipped pages, Went places

Chronicles and Legends
A quarterly event blends the worlds of fantasy, science and modern fiction, myths, legends, and more!
Each round will feature some of the best Second life original mesh creators,
and have a unique theme inspired by stories, legends, and films you all love.
Come and travel with the Fellowship of Ippos on the beginnings of a new adventure.

Event Page – Event FlickR – Event Facebook – Event LM

Dates: April 10th – May 2nd, 2021
Theme: Seelie & Unseelie Fae

Event Exclusives:

//ABADDON ARTS\ Tully Horns
amazing unisex rigged horns in 3 sizes
HUD with 24 color options, materials, 100% original Mesh

Product AD HERE

Chronicles and Legends Event TP

A Benefit for the American Cancer Society

Celebrating its thirteenth year, Fantasy Faire 2021 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers,
enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers in the virtual world.
From Thursday, April 22 to Sunday May 9, treat yourself to shopping,
dance and theater performances, DJ parties, auctions, questing, our Literary Festival,
fantasy art, events and roleplaying as thousands of Second Life residents and creators
bring their own visions together to support the
American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.
Fifteen shopping regions and six special regions

(Text FF2021 Infopage)
Fair Page Fair FlickR Fair FacebookFair LMs

Dates: April 22th – May 9th

!Reliquary! Tangle of Eyes
unrigged mesh accessory
skripted texture change / 8 colors
Textures included for modding
modify/copy/no transfer

Product AD HERE
!Reliquary! (Faire Store in Somniatoris Arx)

!Reliquary! Morbid Gorget

unrigged mesh accessory
skripted texture change / 8 metals and tintable lace
Toggleable lace and hig collar
Textures included for modding
modify/copy/no transfer

Product AD HERE
!Reliquary! (Faire Store in Somniatoris Arx)

:[Petrichor]:- Karsis Bootpants
2 versions included: low and high waist
rigged for Gianni, Jake, Slink M, Legacy M
incl. amazing Color HUD for different Parts of the Pants/Boots

Petrichor FlickR
Petrichor (Faire Store in The Cerulean Bombora)

{Aii & Ego}Rose Thorn Tail
great bento Tail incl. BOM system (applier your BOM skin on the Tail Base)
incl. great color and tint HUD for different Parts of the Tail

Aii (Faire Store in Valhalla)

Nefekalum Tattoos – Wicca RFL Edition
incl. BOM and Mesh Appliers
incl. Omega Materials Applier

Nefekalum FlickR
Nefekalum Tattoos (Faire Store in Somniatoris Arx)

/ Vae Victis \ Pillar of Inun – Nil Tattoo
BOM Layer with optional Omega materials
on Pick: Silver 1

Product AD HERE
Vae Victis / En Pointe (Faire Store in Isles of Tarrin)

[.a fantastical notion] Astral Portal
a fantastical notion FlickR
A Fantastical Notion (Faire Store in Ostara)

[+Oblivis+] Temple of Rain
The Fatpack included different types and a fantasia exlcusive too
Roof, Ceiling and Floor Options – 167LI full size, 5LI Miniature Size
Advanced Lighting Recommended

On Pick: Obsidian
Product AD HERE
Oblivis Solem (Faire Store in Somniatoris Arx)

Are you or a loved one battling cancer? Find out how many ways the American Cancer Society is there to help. Visit or call (US) 800-ACS-2345.

RFL in SL:

American Cancer Society SLurl:

also on Pick:
:[Petrichor]: – Atharne Skin (M) – Yuriko
i.mesh – FIREstarter Hair
[Signature] Gianni Body – Body (Default Neck) – v5.0
^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ear Left


!R! Tangle of Eyes @ FANTASY FAIRE APR 22ND 2021
!R! Morbid Gorget @ FANTASY FAIRE APR 22ND 2021
VaeV "Pillar of Inun" divine gorget
Temple of Rain FATPACK
//ABADDON ARTS\\  Tully Horns