„Wolves“ by Sam Tinnesz ft. Silverberg

„Don’t look us right in the face
It’s like starin‘ at a burnin‘ sun
Got teeth like razor blades
And you know that we’re out for blood
Better run, better run
When the wolves come out to play“

When the wolves come out to play

[Rezz Room] Wolf Adult Animesh
Companion v2.0.0 incl. random and static animations
3 fur options and 3 eye colors
to add or rezz: Wander, Idle, Follow (incl. follow friends)

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When the wolves come out to play (3)
When the wolves come out to play (2)

Fanatik Land Shapes series Pro package consists of 9 smaller packages (sold also separately)
It is -30% cheaper than buying single packages.
All items are mesh with materials and texture change HUD.
on pick:

4 flat top rock islands that can be used stand-alone or layered one with another
12-15 prims/island. HUD with 4 texture change options
(base rock, darkened, summer, and winter).
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Little Branch – Waterlily
incl. 4 Seasons Menu
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also on Pick
Konoha – Leucanthemum cindy – Circle 4
(Fundati) Giant Ginsing Tree
HPMD* WildGrasses
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass

(only FlickR Safe pictures are available for the catalog, sorry)

[Rezz Room] Wolf Adult Animesh (Companion)
The Little Branch - Water Lily Seasons - Wanderlust Weekend, 50L
FANATIK Islands-Poster