Selena Gomez – A Sweeter Place

„A sweeter place
We can sugarcoat the taste
Have no fear, Heaven is near
Oh whoa, head is so clear
A sweeter place, my sweeter place“

My sweeter place

Vintage Fair 2021 by Maraschino & Pale Girl Productions
open till 21th June!

Vintage Fair Exclusives:

Dreamland Designs – Eloise Vintage Living Room Set
PG and Adult Version available, Materials enabled
incl. Chair, Couch, Rug, Table and Try

Product AD HERE

Dreamland Designs – Eloise Fireplace Set
incl. Fireplace, Candles, Lanterns, Books
incl. Menu Sounds and Sparks, Materials enabled

Product AD HERE

My sweeter place1

Whats Lost Spirits – JEORGE THE ROBOT vs6
2 versions in the Set – The Robot (on pick) and Robot in Box
Menu to set the welcome message to avatars within 10 meters,
set the mouth light colour and the avatar detection range

Vintage Fair North Shoppingsim
Vintage Fair South Shoppingsim

June 18th – July 10th

Event Exlcusives:

22769 – Hacienda Sideboard Set
incl. Sideboard, Rooster, Plates and Plant
original Mesh / copy, modify, no trans
Product AD HERE

My sweeter place2

The Liaison Collaborative Event TP

[Rezz Room] Parrot
Animesh Companion to wear or rezz
available for Shoulder and Hand
Product AD HERE
Kustom9 Event Exclusive

[Rezz Room] Cat Bengal Adult
Animesh Companion
Product AD HERE
[Rezz Room] Mainstore

[Rezz Room] Cat Bengal Baby
Animesh Companion
Product AD HERE
[Rezz Room] Mainstore

also on pick:
[Kres] The Hacienda – Skybox RARE
[ContraptioN] Decor: Framed Bar Poster
HEXtraordinary Victorian Finch Cage (Gacha)
Nutmeg. Summer Bliss Drapes w/Shadow
Foxwood – Boho Borzoi – prance 1

DD Eloise Vintage Fireplace SetAD
DD Eloise Vintage LivingRoom Set ADULT
[Rezz Room] Parrot Animesh
22769 - Hacieneda Sideboard - complete Set [ad]
[Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Adult Animesh and [Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Baby Animesh