Coldplay – Paradise

„Life goes on,
it gets so heavy
The wheel breaks the butterfly
every tear a waterfall
In the night she’ll close her eyes
In the night away she’d fly
And dream of paradise“

And dream of paradise

Serenity Style – Summer Vibes Tent
original wooden tent with animated rug
PG or ADULT version

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UBER Event Exclusive
– open June 25th –

Konoha – Nelumbo Ness
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Konoha – Papaver alby (Poppy)
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Konoha – Leucanthemum cindy
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Raindale – Quietgrove campfire
with/without kettle holder, 1-3LI, materials
incl. tray (gives mug on touch)

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Raindale – Riverbreak Gacha
on Pick: leaf boat (gold)
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[Rezz Room] Dachshund Puppy
Animesh (Companion)
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Teegle – „Maestro“ the Hanoverian Horse
full Bento Horse to rezz or ride
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Coat: CINNAMON White Pearl
Amazing Coat for your Teegle Pet
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//ABADDON ARTS\ Gems BodyDecor
rigged body gems – 65 Gem Shades – 6 Gem Speck, Materials
as Fatpack or single Packs available
available for: Teegle Avatar Classic aka Standard
Teeglepets: Hanoverian, American Paint, Unicorn, Shetland,
Friesian, Arabian, Clydesdale, Pegasus, Fjord, Connemara, Alicorn

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SL18B Shop & Hop
– June 17th to July 6th –

also on Pick:
8f8 – just add water – The Island (@Summerfest 2021)
8f8 – just add water – Pine (@Summerfest 2021)
8f8 – Driftwood III – Creating Memories
{anc} NO LIMITS // flock of flying doves. [choco-brown] 4Li
Nutmeg. Autumn Garden Bicycle (Rust) / Gift

Serenity Style- Summer Vibes Tent
[Rezz Room] Dachshund Puppy Animesh  (Companion
Riverbreak gacha
Quietgrove campfire set
Nelumbo ness - Lotus
Papaver alby (Poppy)
Leucanthemum cindy -Daisies
Teeglepet Ad: Maestro the Hanoverian Horse