„I kill ‚cause I’m hungry
Cause I know, I won’t stop,
‚til I’m the last one left
Fighting ‚til I’m dead,
eating ‚til I’m fed
Never gonna stop
‚til I catch my breath“

Eating 'til I'm fed

:[Petrichor]:- Alora Overlay [BOM] – Araxi
BoM Male and Female Tattoo Layer incl.
2 Style Material HUDs included (smooth and sparkle)
Material HUD for Lelutka, Belleza, Kupra, Lara, Legacy and Slink

Mermaid Cove Event Exclusive

:[ Petrichor ]:- Vaera Nails Unisex
Belleza M/F, Signature, Kupra, Lara, legacy M/F
Several Lenght, Modify, Materials, Full HUD Costumization

:[Petrichor]: Mainstore

:[ Petrichor ]:- Vaera Nailpolish Pack

different Color HUDs for Vaera Nails and Body Nails
on pick: Midflesh & Fawn
:[Petrichor]: Mainstore

[AK Advanced] – Bento Head 4.0 #M04
Full Bento Mesh Head incl. SL UV and LEL UV Head!
Product AD HERE
Akeruka Mainstore

Men Only by Flair for Events
June 20th – July 15th


[Prolific] Kadu Scar
incl. BoM, Lelutka and Omega HUD
on pick: v4 Full Fresh

Product AD HERE

L’Emporio&PL ::Tiger Arms:: Bracer
Gianni, Legacy/Athletic M, Jake
Amazing color HUD included

Product AD HERE

L’Emporio&PL ::Tiger Paw:: Rings
Bento – Gianni, Legacy/Athletic M, Jake
Amazing color HUD included

Product AD HERE

Men Only Event TP

!Reliquary! Ryme Circlet
they are Incl. in the Percival Hair + Ryme Circlet Pack
Hair not on picture! Collaboration with Raven Bell
Product AD HERE
Reliquary Mainstore / Raven Bell Mainstore

Clover – Lizard set (eyballs)
Set includes animesh flicking tongue and unrigged reptile eyes
Texture change HUD included (12 colors for eyes and tongue)

Product AD HERE
Clover Mainstore

[Signature] Gianni Body – Body
full Bento Body incl. BoM and Omega system
[Signature] Mainstore

incl. in the Black Cats Creations – Medusa FATPACK
Pose not on Pick only the Snakes
Black Cats Creations Mainstore

also on Pick:
Pose: selfmade
NeXuS ‚TITAN‘ ( 04 ) gianni – 01 bare
Not Found – Bran Skin Medium Browless
JUMO – YASMEEN Eyebrows Black
cinphul // hypnos [onesize.m] [unrigged]
-VALKYR-/ The Bifid Tongue
[CX] Plague (Tone D) – Groupgift

L'Emporio&PL::*Tiger*:: -set-
[Prolific] Kadu Scar
Percival Hair + Ryme Circlet @ Fantasy Faire
Clover - Lizard Set
Black Cats Creations - Medusa Fatpack