José González – Visions

„Imagining the worlds that could be
Shaping a mosaic of fates
For all sentient beings
Look at the magic of reality
While accepting with all honesty
That we can’t know for sure what’s next“

Look at the magic of reality

:FANATIK: – Enigma Portal v0.54
Experience Teleport / Works Grid Wide
Multiple Destinations / Control TP and Menu Access
Owner/ Group / Anyone
Mesh with Materials / Size 9x6x7m / LI 9

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Little Branch – Linden Green SpireTree
Animated tree incl. 4 Seasons Menu, copy/mod
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Uber Event Exclusive

Konoha  – Rock Fences of Nerani
2 colors | 3 seasons
Cosmopolitan Event Exclusive

Konoha – Papaver alby (Poppy)
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Konoha – Leucanthemum cindy
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Teegle – „Maestro“ the Hanoverian Horse
full Bento Horse to rezz or ride
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Coat: TFP – Bay Roan Smooth

[Teegle] „Pumpkin“ the Foal
full animated animesh baby horse
You will be able to set another teeglepet horse as Pumpkin’s mother,
to see your foal follow her and nurse from her!
Or set Pumpkin to Companion mode to make her your horse avatar’s baby!

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Teegle Mainstore

Coat: Cinnamon Jasmine (White markings B)

also on Pick:
HPMD* Little Birds – gray – type A
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass 08
Apple Fall Bumble Bees
8f8 – just add water – Pine
„KIller’s“ Golden Breeze House

Fanatik Enigma teleport portal
The Little Branch - Grapefruit Tree - UBER
Papaver alby (Poppy)
Leucanthemum cindy -Daisies
Teeglepet "Pumpkin" the Foal!
Teeglepet Ad: Maestro the Hanoverian Horse