grandson – Blood Water

„Beg me for mercy
Admit you were toxic
You poisoned me just for
Another dollar in your pocket
Now I am the violence
I am the sickness
Won’t accept your silence“

Beg me for mercy

We Love Role-Play
July 4th noon – 30th


[XIV] Jon’s Wardrobe
Fitted Mesh – Gianni – Slink – Jake
Black – Brass – Brown – Copper – Red

We  Role-Play Event Exclusive

The Liaison Collaborative
June 18th – July 10th


[Harshlands] Old Tower Ruin
3 different styles (Regual, Moss, Snow)
Materials Enchanced

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The Liaiason Collaborative Event Exclusive

:FNY Designs – Dead Birch
High Quality textures – original Mesh
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FNY Designs Mainstore

:FNY Designs – Dead Fir
High Quality textures – original Mesh
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FNY Designs Mainstore

[GTS] Battle Viking Axe
2 axes and shield included
GM, ZCS, GLM, GOR, Collision, GTS Zombie Sysstem, URA, Chaos…

[GTS] Mainstore

Teegle – „Maestro“ the Hanoverian Horse
full Bento Horse to rezz or ride
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Teegle Mainstore

Coat: CINNAMON Jasmine
Amazing Coat for your Teegle Pet
Cinnamon Mainstore

Jinx  Viking Mane and Tail
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[GA.EG] Evan 2.2 Bento Mesh Head
Omega and BoM ready incl. Headskins in BoM
[GA.EG] Infopage – [GA.EG] Mainstore – [GA.EG] Marketplace

[Signature] Gianni Body – Body
full Bento Body incl. BoM and Omega system
[Signature] Mainstore

also on pick:
Pose selfmade
l ROOTS l Reed Grass
Cheval D’or / TeeglePet Hano / Emperor Set

Out now at The Liaison Collaborative
Teeglepet Ad: Maestro the Hanoverian Horse
Jinx : Viking Mane available from The Fantasy Collective & Norse Gods Tack Set available from We <3 RP (opens 4th Sept)