GRAViiTY – The Passenger

„And we’re living in this darkness together
I’m not alone I know that theres another one
A passenger inside that never lets me down
Holding on to you and losing gravity
It makes me feel alright“

Losing Gravity

Chronicles and Legends
– Live Long, Prosper & Use The Force
Event BLOG
July 10th – July 31th


BeSpoke – Alien Observer – Head
incl. Head with Male/Female and no Neck
BoM and Mesh Eyes in different Colors, Mouth, Teeth, Tongue
one Skin included (left skin, blue)

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BeSpoke – Alien Observer – Skin – Red
different Skin Tones for the Alien Observer Head

BeSpoke – Alien Observer – Headpiece

LuluB! – The Force
Interective Mesh – touch and it shows you a quote from Star wars
4 colors – copy and transfer version available
Materials Enabled, 2LI,

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The Bearded Guy – Galaxy Wars – Gacha
on pick: Naboo Park RARE
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#hashbang! – Rebel Mk. I Hover Bike
driveable Bike in different colors
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different colors and styles incl. in the Pack

different colors and styles incl. in the Pack

[VSM] Use The Force 02 – fm
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Poseidon – Night Sisters 1
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Chronicles and Legends EVENT TP


[Signature] Gianni Body – 5.0a
full Bento Body incl. BoM and Omega system
[Signature] Mainstore

BeSpoke Alien @ Chronicles & Legends
Galaxy Wars Set @ Chronicles & Legends
#hashbang! @ Chronicles & Legends
[VSM] Use The Force - FATPACK
Nightsisters Pose Pack @ Chronicles & Legends NOW.