Monster – MILCK

„I forget myself and my good nature
When I let temptation get the better of me
Oh, mercy me
All I see
Is a monster in me“

A monster in me

Clover – Brain muncher
A Brain stealing system that allowes you to reach into people Heads,
steal their Brain and eat it!

Warehouse Sales Event
opens July 24th

Men Only by Flair for Events
July 20th – August15th


Alpha Hair – new textures – unrigged mesh
can be resized – 2 styles

[ATI] Karim… Tattoo
Belleza, Legacy, Omega/Signature and Maitreya Applier
BoM in 3 different intense (faded, fresh, semi)
Normal Head and Lelutka EVO-X

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OKARA STORE – 2K21 -BOM- 023 Beard

Tintable BoM Facial Hair
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Men Only Event TP

:[Petrichor]:– Karzakk Collar

100% costum Mesh – Mod – riggend/unrigged version
HUD Controlled (Main and Addon)

MIDNIGHT ORDER Event Exclusive
July 20th – August 20th

Gianni, Jake, Legacy M, Fatpack HUD
5 Metal colors, 6 Lace colors, 6 Lether colors

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ManCave Event Exclusive
July 17th – August 11th

Bento Rings – incl. color and alpha HUD
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L’Emporio Mainstore

L’Emporio&PL ::Brancas Surviles::- Claws

Bento metal Claws incl. Alpha and Color HUD
2 Styles (clear and bloody)
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L’Emporio Mainstore

L’Emporio&PL ::Damned Ears::-

2 size for Bento Model / non rigged included
Bento Ears (compatible with Lel Evo X)
Driven HUD – 17 Skintones, Materrial, Shines, Color Pick, Glos
10 metal colors, Piercing show/hide
14 Shade colors + 1 tintabel, 6 tintable Tattoo Designs (clear button)

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L’Emporio Mainstore

{Aii & Ego} – Rose Thorn Tail (bento/b.o.m)

Bento Bakes on Mesh Tail – Texture HUD, Full AO
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{Aii & Ego} Mainstore

{egosumaii} – Yokai Eyeball Tongue

~ Enthralling Flames GACHA ~
{Aii & Ego} Mainstore

[AK Advanced] Bento Head M08
Full Bento Mesh Head incl. SL UV and LEL UV Head!
Product AD HERE
Akeruka Mainstore

[Signature] Gianni Body – Body
full Bento Body incl. BoM and Omega system
[Signature] Mainstore

also on Pick:
Backdrop: MadPea Mad Monster Mountain
Pose: selfmade
Shape: selfmade
AG. Elysian Eyes – Lime
Not Found – Bran Skin Medium Normal
NeXuS ‚TITAN‘ ( 04 ) gianni – 01 bare
[CX] Mara Horns (Gold)

L'Emporio&PL::*Thief*::-Archer Gloves
Karim AD
L'Emporio&PL ::*Damned Ears*::
:[P]:- Karzakk Collar
Clover - Brain muncher
L'Emporio&PL::*Cult*::  -update-
L'Emporio&PL::*Brancas Surviles*:: Claws-Update-