Ft.Khaled,Pitbull – Hiya hiya

„I make you fall in love
I’m a thief with the heart
To me, it’s an art
Baby your eyes don’t lie
I can see you want a little bit of me“

I’m a thief with the heart

[Rezz Room] Sphynx
Animesh Companion
[Rezz Room] Tatoo Sphynx Cat Japanese Applier (sold separat)
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[Rezz Room] Mainstore

We Love Role-Play
July 4th noon – 30th


Wicca’s Originals  – Ptah Headpiece
unrigged unisex Headpiece
incl. amazing Color HUD for different parts

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We ♥  Role-Play Event Exclusive

Men Only by Flair for Events
July 20th – August15th


Carol G – Guardian Male TaTToo
4 intensities – BoM – Omega
Signature – Legacy – Belleza – Slink

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Matova – Iverson – Leg Harness
Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni and Legacy M
great color HUD for different parts included

Men Only Event TP

Alpha Hair – new textures – rigged mesh (different sizes included)
optional unrigged bangs included (not on pick)

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DUBAI Event Exclusive

I’m a thief with the heart (Closeup)

[GTS] Anubis Mace Combo
on pick: Anubis Polearm
Meters: GM, ZCS, GLM, GOR, Collision, GTS Zombie, URA, Chaos…

[GTS] Mainstore

:[Petrichor]: – Karzakk Jewelry 
on pick: Necklaces in 3 lenght
incl. amazing color HUD

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Midnight Order Event Exclusive

:[Petrichor]:- Anastea Cuffs
Gianni, Jake, Slink, Legacy M
incl. great color HUD
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:[Petrichor]: – Vaera Nails
unisex Bento Nails – many Color Applier in store available
incl. Materials Layer in HUD

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:[Petrichor]: – Blushed Kitsune Gacha
on pick: Male Skin //Smooth
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Bento Rings incl. Alpha and Color HUD
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L’Emporio&PL::Elements:: Rings
Bento Rings incl. Alpha and Color HUD
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[Signature] Gianni Body
full Bento Body incl. BoM and Omega system
[Signature] Mainstore

also on Pick:
^^Swallow^^ Shiny Elf Ear Left
Icaland – Cave 3

Wicca's Originals @ We ♥ RP / July 2021
L'Emporio&PL::*Cult*::  -update-
L'Emporio&PL @Neo Japan
Petrichor - Blushed Kitsune Gacha AD
:[Petrichor]: - Vaera Nails
:[P]:- Karzakk Jewelry