grandson – Blood Water

„Now I am the violence
I am the sickness
Won’t accept your silence
Beg me for forgiveness
What’s your alibi?
What you gon‘ do when there’s
blood in the, blood in the water?“

I am the sickness

BeSpoke – Ghoul Necrotic
Fantasy Bento Head – SLUV UV and SLUV Body Skin,
Eyes Fatpack, Animatioins, Female, Male Neckless Versions included
Other skins Sold Separately

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Necrosis Event Exclusive

On pick you see the BeSpoke skin only on the head!
The bodyskin is included in the Body (not BoM!)
You have a neckline because this two skins not fitting perfekt,
but you can hide this with a Gorget or Collar like I am do.

Absolut Creation – zombie Body #1
on Pick: only the Body with skin!
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Absolut Creation Mainstore

!R! Morbid Pauldron/ Right
incl. amazing color / metal HUD
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 !Reliquary! Mainstore

!R! Morbid Gorget
rigged and unrigged included
incl. amazing color / metal / alpha HUD

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 !Reliquary! Mainstore

[NC] – Vanguard Kilt
different Colors included
I’m wearing: Belleza (Red/Brown)

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[Noble Creations] Mainstore

[NC] – Ragnarock Bracers / GIFT
unrigged for Male and Female
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[Noble Creations] Mainstore

PFC~Greek greaves / sandals
incl great Color HUD for different Parts
I’m wear for this Avatar the SLINK MALE version SANDALS
and the JAKE version for the greaves!
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Pucca Firecaster Creations Mainstore

also on pick:

[NC] – Fighter Upper Armband (Brown)
[NC] – Ruined Helmet – B
AG. Zombie Eyes – BoM – 2
NOMAD // Zombie Hand 02
PFC~Box o‘ bones
Teegle Fresian
:FNY: Designs – Half Dried Palm
TESLA – Mesh LongHorn Cow Skull

BeSpoke Ghoul @ Necrosis
PFC ~ Greek Greaves
[NC] - Vanguard KIlt (GOLD VERSION) - 25L Tuesday Event
[NC] - Ragnarock Bracers - GROUP GIFT!!
!R! Morbid Gorget @ FANTASY FAIRE APR 22ND 2021
Zombie body Bento