Loreen – Euphoria

„We are here, we’re all
alone in our own universe
We are free, where everything’s
allowed and love comes first
Forever and ever together,
we sail into infinity
We’re higher and higher and higher,
we’re reaching for divinity“

We are here, we're all

[The Emporium] Pygmy Puff ‚De Base‘
 37 Land Impact, animated Animesh with multiple personalities
 8 Skin Colors & 20 Fur Colors

A fun Animesh pet that comes with multiple personality options,
a ton of textures, animations, emotes and other fun stuff
controllable through an illustrative HUD.

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 Wizarding Faire 2021 Event Exclusive
Aug 7th, 2021 – Aug 21st, 2021.

[The Emporium] Wild Pygmy Puff Gacha
 1 Land Impact, non-animated, static pets
 35 Fur Colors in Total to collect

Gachakey and all Infos HERE
 Wizarding Faire 2021 Event Exclusive
Aug 7th, 2021 – Aug 21st, 2021

Clover – Mood crystal
Show everyone how you are really feeling…
A working crystal that changes colours depending on the words you say in world!
7 different moods with configurable trigger words by notecard,
and colour changing metals via HUD.
Unrigged attachment that you can put on your chest, forehead.. or wherever you want!

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Anthem Event Exclusive

rigged for male and female
different color HUDS available / 2 styles in HUD

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COSMOPOLITAN Event Exclusive

Saturday August 14th – September 4th
A new round of Enchantment and this time we are basing it off on
stories of monster hunters like The Witcher and Beowulf.
Within these stories and many other fables are unique creatures
and magical beings that challenge our great heroes on their adventures.
Join us in a round dedicated to these heroes, villains, and creatures of lore.
Event Infos HERE

Enchantment Event TP

Event Exclusives:

[VSM] Wizzard Bento Poses
on Pick: 02
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:FNY: Designs – Salem a Witcher’s Cat Animesh Companion
Black – Gray – Orange version available
Every version includes a optional body texture with scars and different
eye textures like regular cat eyes, blind eyes and daemon eyes. 

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Lilithe‚// Leshey Tattoos
BOM / UNISEX: Fitted for Most Bodies [Mainly Legacy + Belleza/Jake
 Deconstructable: Pieces can be worn together or separately .
Fresh, Faded, Worn and Faint Versions Included .

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Bliensen + MaiTai – Alpha – Necklace
gold and silver / unrigged Mesh
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FINCA – flat top mushroom
4 textures for top / 8 textures for bottom

FINCA – round top mushroom
5 textures

FINCA – fantasy lamp
3 types included : floating lamp, static and animated (particle)

~ xantes ~ Secret Garden – Ruins
3 different Ruins available

Enchantment Event TP

[Rezz Room] Unicorn Animesh
Companion v2.0.1 incl. 3 Fur colors and 2 Mane colors
to wear or rezz (idle, follow, wander)

Product AD HERE / Video HERE
Equal10 Event Exclusive

:[Petrichor]:– Anastea Cuffs
Rigged for Jake, Gianni, Slink and Legacy
Incl. great color HUD – 100% Custom Mesh

:[Petrichor]: Mainstore

:[Petrichor]:– Vaera Nails
rigged for male and female
many different color HUDS available / Materials

Product AD HERE
:[Petrichor]: Mainstore

PFC~Easy loin
rigged for many bodies – different colors in HUD
PFC Mainstore

[AK Advanced] Bento Head M02
Full Bento Mesh Head incl. SL UV and LEL UV Head!
Product AD HERE
Akeruka Mainstore

[Signature] Gianni Body – Body
full Bento Body incl. BoM and Omega system
[Signature] Mainstore

[The Emporium] Wild Pygmy Puff
[The Emporium] Pet Cages
[The Emporium] Pygmy Puff 'De Base'
Clover - Mood Crystal
[VSM] Wizzard Set 01
[VSM] Wizzard Sword Set 01
FNY Designs - Salem a Witcher's Cat - Animesh Companion
[Rezz Room] Unicorn Companion Animesh
:[Petrichor]: - Vaera Nails
Bliensen - Alpha - necklace for men