Rag’n’Bone Man & P!nk – Anywhere Away From Here

„Wild and running
Fearlessness is, Burning bright
We knew nothing
‚Cause out of sight is, Out of mind
Before we ever learned the fear of being bold
Before we ever were afraid of the unknown“

Wild and running

The Horse Show
September 18th – October 2nd, 2021

[Teegle] „Maverick“ the Tennessee Walking Horse
full ridable and rezzable Animesh Horse
[Teegle] „Georgia Belle“ American Saddlebred Horse
full ridable and rezzable Animesh Horse

The Horse Show Event TP

„Killer’s“ Calvin ArtRoom
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Cosmopolitan Exclusive

[Rezz Room] Golden Retriever
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Access Event Exclusive

Little Branch – AmericanChestnutTree.v2
TMD Event Exclusive

Konoha – Papaver alby (Poppy)
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"Killer's" Calvin Artroom On Discount @ Cosmo Event Starts from 6th September
[Rezz Room] Golden Retriever Adult Animesh (Companion) and [Rezz Room] Golden Retriever Puppy Animesh (Companion)
Papaver alby (Poppy)