Lena X Nico Santos – Better

„I thought you’re my ride or die
But our love died on the ride
And we tried ‚til it turned to lies
And you see, don’t you see?

Why you take my love just to rip it up?
Guess for you it was not enough
All the best, good luck now
Tryna find someone new
Who’s gonna love you better?“

good luck now

Deco in the Background:
The Bearded Guy – Poett Vilages
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35 Prims / 4 versions / change color
drive poses girl/man / 1 park pose
KCP redirect, realist texture and sound effect
race verson for the best speed
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L&B Swear Ranger Denim Shirt
incl. amazing Style and Color Hud
for mix and match your own style
Shirt on/off

L&B Swear Havoc Ops Jeans
incl. great Style and Color HUD
Belt on/off

L&B Swear Havoc Ops Boots
incl. Color HUD for different Styles
mix and match the Socks/Boots Clours

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Synnergy Biker Unisex Bento Pose
Men & Woman’s Jail Exclusive – LAST DAY 28th march!

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