PRIMAL – Vo Williams X Vyceroy

„I’m hungry, I’m hunting to kill
I keep it coming for real
Until my stomach is filled
Let the priest scream and the rev yell
Going maniac on a grand scale
When you been down then you can’t fail
Heaven too high gotta raise hell
Animal nature“

Animal Nature

Clover – Lizard set
Animesh Tongue with amazing animation and Eyes
Incl. Color Hud for Tongue and Eyes

The Clover – Lizard set is a set of components used to make your avatar look reptilian!
It includes an animesh flicking tongue item, that has bento animations for your avatar,
and will flick in and out of your mouth periodically.
It also includes unrigged reptile eyes as well. 12 colours included for the eyes,
and 12 colours for the tongue. Texture change HUD included. (text: clover FlickR)
Clover Mainstore

Clover – Soul Collector
The soul collector set is a system that allows you to capture peoples souls,
collect them as wearable pets that float around you, consume them, release them,
store them in jars, and steal other peoples soul pets.
Each soul will remember who it belonged to, and its colour, even after being transfered to others,
or stored in your collection/jar. You can change the colour of the souls you steal,
and even display them as decorations in a jar. (text:clover flickR)
Clover Mainstore

Jail Event Exclusive

i.mesh – FIREstarter Hair
great Color/tint HUD and Hairbase (tintable/Bom/Omega) included
all Infos HERE
Jail Event TP

eBento Event Exclusive:

Alge’s Designs – MK BoM Eyes April
Eyeshadow in different colors // on Pic: Black
Store FlickR

.:Vegas:. Tattoo Sacred Focus
BoM/Applier Tattoo in 4 different intensities
Store FlickR

eBento Event TP

!Reliquary! The Outlaw’s Flask/ Belt Holster
Flask incl. hold and drink animation / different Textures included
also included a holster for the Bottle – male/female vers. included
all Infos HERE
Engine Room Event Exclusive

L’Emporio&PL::LEX:: Set
Nosepiercing, Earcuff and Nosechain included
different Colors in HUD // unisex unrigged

All Infos HERE

right / left version included – rigged for many bodies
incl. great color HUD for different Parts

all Infos HERE

L’Emporio&PL::Oblio::Vampire Claws
rigged for many Bodies – incl. Alpha and Color HUD
all Infos HERE

L’Emporio Mainstore

[Signature] Gianni Body
full Bento Body included Omega and BoM System
[Signature] Mainstore

also on Pick:

[GA.EG]  Head Skins – Alan – NST5 – Nude
Nexus – Titan – 04
Tattoos Face:
[CX] Plague (Tone H)
NT – Hunger // Tattoo

Pose: selfmade

Shape: selfmade

RIOT / Himeros Leather Harness – Gianni
[CX] Mara Horns (Silver)
[CX] Tainted Doctrine (L)
Hotdog – Ankh choker . Signature . Black


Clover - Soul Collector
Clover - Lizard Set
L'Emporio&PL::*LEX*:: -Piercings Set-
!R! The Outlaw's Flask @ ENGINE ROOM HALFTIME NOW!
L'Emporio&PL ::*Judah*:: Harness arm
L'Emporio&PL ::*Oblio*:: Vampire Nails