Kat Leon – Fearless

„Go throw your sticks and those stones
Right here at my iron bones
‚Cause I’ve taken more than you know
And you can not break me or shake me down
Go on, take a stab at my heart
Sharpen all the knives you got
‚Cause I’m bulletproof from a shot
And you won’t escape me or fake me out“

I've taken more than you know

::GB:: Ryujin Dragon Gold
::GB:: Nenjyu Necklace Brown

-50% at the Fantasy Fair!
GABRIEL (Faire Store in Yin Yang)

Petrichor – Sumoni Book
HUD Controlled, Resizeable, Mod, Unisex, Bento
Rez: Stack, Stand, Single
Wear: Head Balance, Left/Right Hand

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Petrichor (Faire Store in The Cerulean Bombora)

Raven Bell – Percival Hair
Copy, Modify, Materials Enabled
Rigged Mesh Hair with 15 sizes, with / without front wisps
Separate front wisps included
Unrigged Circlet by Reliquary in 3 sizes (not on pick)

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Raven Bell (Faire Store in Somniatoris Arx)

Belle Epoque – Elven Reign
Male and Female Version available, fittet Mesh, incl. Texture HUD
Product AD HERE
Belle Epoque (Faire Store in Isles of Tarrin)

Clover – Forest candles
5 beautiful handscrpted Candles
incl. animated Flames and Texture change Menu
Product AD HERE
Clover (Faire Store in A’Dracunas)

[GA.EG] Evan 2.2 Bento Mesh Head
full bento mesh head incl. BoM System, Omega ready
[GA.EG] Evant Bento Cone Piercing
incl. Metal and Alpha HUD
[GA.EG] Mainstore – [GA-EG] Infopage

[Signature] Gianni Body
full Bento Body included Omega and BoM System
[Signature] Mainstore

also on pick:
SEMPITERNAL [The Archbishop’s Quarters] Skybox

Percival Hair + Ryme Circlet @ Fantasy Faire
Clover - Forest Candles