GMV – Skillet Monster

„The secret side of me,
I never let you see
I keep it caged but
I can’t control it
So stay away from me,
the beast is ugly“

I keep it caged but I can't control it

[][]Trap[][] & Petrichor Kalari Hair
Unisex Rigged Hair incl. Modular Pieces for your individual hairstyle,
Hud controlled, Material Enabled, Thousands of mix/match combinations!
crystal Hairline crown included (not on pick)

all Details HERE
[][]Trap[][] (Faire Store in J’adoube)
Petrichor (Faire Store in The Cerulean Bombora)

Juna: Cyborg tattoo
Tattoo for Classic Avatar and Tattoo Layers for body and head (Bakes On Mesh) in 4 tone
BoM (Bakes On Mesh) is modifiable for tinting – Base texture is white

all Infos HERE – more on Marketplace
Exclusive for Planet29
29th April – 22th  May

Flair for Events is proud to announce its newest venture

Upgrade your life with all the best quality cybernetics.
An event dedicated to urban fashion, futuristic accessories,
and high-tech decor with a punk artificial intelligence vibe.

All Infos HERE // Event FLICKR //

May 8th @ NOON SLT // May 30th @ NOON SLT


Black Cats Creations – Guardian
5 Bento static poses + mirrors
Included in Fatpack: Guardian Orge for each pose
Orge incl. Resizer, Materials enabled and color HUD

all Infos HERE

Wicca’s Originals – Rune Top
Maitraya, Petite, Flat, Legacy, Perky, Gianni
10 different colors for different parts to mix and match

[LINKRAVE] Edge Runner Trousers
The Edge Runner Trousers is a pair of rip-proof, roof jumper, asphalt slider,
edge runner, rope walker trousers designed with tight bottom to
avoid collision while keeping the upper part loose and comfy!
Signature Gianni, Belleza Jake, Slink Male, Legacy Male
Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya, Slink Physique Original, Legacy Female

All Infos HERE

[LINKRAVE] GoLink Sneakers

Tintable strap, laces, dampers‘ spring,
Materials Enabled, HUD controlled, Optimized mesh for better performance
Signature Gianni, Belleza Jake, Slink Male, Legacy Male
Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya/Venus/Isis, Slink Female, Legacy Female

All Infos HERE

{minuit} Midori Eyes [red]
9 colors, bright and vibrant
Animated version of the ERROR, tintable and glow!

All Infos HERE

100% original mesh / copy, modify
diff. Versions included: with/witout Materials / Physics / Light


L’Emporio&PL ::Errant::
Bento Rings for many Bodys – incl. Alpha/color HUD
all Infos HERE
L’Emporio Mainstore

L’Emporio&PL ::Damned Claws & Rings

Bento Rings for many Bodys – incl. Alpha/color HUD
all Infos HERE
L’Emporio Mainstore

[GA.EG] Ultimate Ears – Sharp Claws
unrigged Mesh Ears fit for all Heads (!) with color/style HUD
[GA.EG] Infopage – [GA.EG] Mainstore – [GA.EG] Marketplace

[Signature] Gianni Body – Body
full Bento Body incl. BoM and Omega system
[Signature] Mainstore

also on Pick:
Wicca’s Originals – Edge Implant (right)
[sau]Cyberdog[19] 1 // Gacha
[AiiZawa] – [Tetranodo] CF-D 400 MK IV


[][]Trap[][] & Petrichor Kalari Hair
NEW Release for CYBERPUNK Event!
{Minuit} Midori Set #CYBERPUNK
L'Emporio&PL::*Errant*:: Metal & leather rings.
L'Emporio::*Damned Claws&Rings*::