Ben Howard – Only Love

„Darling, you’re with me,
always around me
And I’ll be yours to keep
Wind in the shadows,
whale song in the deep
Only love, only love“

Wind in the shadows

May 18th – June 10th

Event Exlcusives:

KraftWork Hanging Hammock Gazebo
 Adult and PG / two texture options
16 LI / copy, mod

Product AD HERE / Demo TP

22769 – Clothing Line and Washing Trough
Clothing Line LI 7 / Washing Troug LI 3

The Liaison Collaborative Event TP

HISA – Potter’s Cottage
Footprint: 14×8,5 / LI 60 / copy, mod
Product AD HERE
HISA Mainstore

Little Branch – Aspen Spring Tree
Animated incl. 4 Seasons Menu
Product AD HERE
UBER Event Exclusive

[Rezz Room] Cat Bengal Adult
Animesh Companion v2.0.0
Product AD HERE
Equal10 Event Exclusive

[Rezz Room] German Shepherd Adult
Animesh Companion
Product AD HERE
Rezz Room Mainstore

[Rezz Room] German Shepherd Puppy
Animesh Companion
Product AD HERE
Rezz Room Mainstore

also on Pick:

KraftWork Gipsy Set – Groupgift
KraftWork Chamomile&Peony . Chamomile Frame
KraftWork Water on Tap – Aged
dust bunny . welcome mat . home sweet home . group gift
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass08
HPMD* WildGrasses – a
TLG – Daisies and Ladybirds
TLG – Glam Poppies green
TLG – Fall Fleur 1
Heart – Wild Flowers – Queen Ann’s Lace – S1
[ keke ] windflower . pink .


KraftWork Hanging Hammock Gazebo for TLC
HISA - Potter's Cottage
[Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Adult Animesh and [Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Baby Animesh
[Rezz Room] German Shepherd Puppy (Companion)
[Rezz Room] German Shepherd Adult Animesh (Companion)
The Little Branch - Aspen Springs Trees v2 and v3 - UBER