【GMV】Keep Fighting

„I will fight on, I am a survivor
I will make it, I’ll push it higher
I’m gonna face it for you
So much darkness I see
I will keep fighting“

So much darkness

[AYO] feat [Rezz Room]  Caged Heart
Small, Medium and Large, Incl. Hold Pose
3 Cage, 3 Heart and 3 Flower Colors
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Uber Event Exclusive

[Noble Creations] – Commander Set
Fittet for Gianni, Legacy and Jake
Skirt, Armbands, Harness, Harness&Sweater
2 Metal colors, 5 leather/fabric colors

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Age of Avalon Event Exclusive

BeSpoke  Nightshade Elf 
Unisex Skin incl. Evo X and SluV Skins, Shape
Style Cards, Bento Ears and Darkstaff with pose in Fatpack
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We Love Role-Play Event Exclusive

Blood Seeker Raw Collar Male Size
Open Collar – Unisex – Unrigged
100% original Mesh, 3 different Fur textures
4 different Band textures

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We Love Role-Play Event Exclusive

Clover – BloodStalker
The Bloodstalker is a rare and unique creature, found just about anywhere in the world,
but rarely shows itself to humans. It is timid in nature, but will come out to feed on small creatures, rotting, or alive.
This creature has a hard time warming up to new avatars,
so be careful bringing new friends around it, or it will attack.
This creature is able to rise on two legs, increasing its size by around two times,
which is useful for attacking, and observing its environment.
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unisex, rigged mesh hairstyle
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[NC] - Commander
[AYO] feat [Rezz Room] Caged Heart
~{Bs}~ Raw Collar